Working from home – tips on increasing productivity

To many, 2020 has changed the way how businesses operate and the way teams and employees communicate with each other on a daily basis. Working from home or WFH for short has become a common practice for many as travel was restricted or safety or health issues prevent people from going into the office or workplace. At first thought, most would welcome the idea as they can feel relaxed and work when and where as they please and do not have to travel to work. However, after a while, most starts to feel irritated and productivity dives. To avoid this trap, here are a few tips when working from home that can help elevate some of those irritating feelings and procrastination.

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(1)    Stick to a schedule and get dressed properly

Wake up at the same time in the morning when you usually go to work and have breakfast and get dressed before starting work. This acts as a ritual to get your mindset into working mode. It may sound comfortable to just stick to your pyjamas through the whole day, but being in those clothes that you sleep in will often or not makes you lose focus and unable to concentrate while trying to work.

(2)    Separate rest and work spaces

Don’t rest where you work and don’t work where you rest. Do not blur the lines between these two and having separate spaces ensure this. If you have a study, work there or otherwise, make sure you have a dedicated space where you will work from and not from the couch or on the bed. Each morning, when you are ready, move there to work as if you were going into the office

(3)    Allot dedicated working time and rest periods

The key challenge of working from home is separating working time and allotting adequate rest periods in between. When working at home, it’s often easy to want to sit on the couch to rest for a while and then turning the TV on for a short while. That short while often turns in a full episode of a TV show or hours. Staying focus on tasks is the main hurdle for most people that work from home. So how to do you avoid falling into this trap, set up a working time schedule and breaks in between like you would normally do in the office. Set a time when you start the day and set a time for lunch and when to get off work, just like you would when you go to the office.

When working from home, especially when it is over a prolonged period, you may find yourselves with a lot of important documents or confidential paper, do not leave these lying around as they can get misplaced or destroyed if any accidents happen. It is suggested to get a small safe, preferably fireproof, so they are stored properly. Having a separate safe in which you store your work stuff or backed up data can also help you to separate work from home and act as a reminder that work has started. Guarda provides a wide selection that you can chose from.

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As a last note, working from home can allowed you to learn about yourselves and can also be helpful to understand how to manage your time and work more efficiently. These changes or habits can often not just help while you work from home but can change the way you work when you return to the office, making you more productive even more.

Post time: Sep-06-2021