What makes a fireproof safe fireproof?

Fireproof safes is an important piece of storage equipment that are engineered to protect its contents from turning into ashes in the event of a fire incident. A fireproof safe box can help you protect your most valuable belongings and important papers when it matters most and also allow you to escape in the first instant without having to worry over the contents. However, getting a proper fireproof safe is essential in order to get the protection needed in those critical moments. Therefore, understanding how fireproof safe works would at least help you get the right ones and not be fooled by overstatements and jargon.


Most typical fireproof safes would be made of up at least three layer of materials:

- an outer skin or outer casing

- an inner layer or interior casing

- a protective layer of fireproof material sandwiched in between


 Steel casing construction


The layer of fireproof material in between would be made of materials that has an extremely low conductivity to heat and incombustible. This is the essential layer that makes the fireproof safe fireproof and keeps the heat away from the contents within. This layer is often made from naturally occurring minerals such as Gypsum or Cement. Some specialized manufacturers would have their own proprietary insulation formula of materials that allows the insulation layer to perform better compared to when a single material is used. As a reminder, metal conducts heat well and without the high thermal resistant layer, there are no protection for fire, so a standard steel security safe will not be fireproof and users should beware of misguidance in some promotion and advertising materials.


Although specialized manufacturers conduct research and developments to try and lighten a fireproof safe, especially chest type styles which allows users to carry it or for portability, typically a fireproof safe will be heavier comparably due to its insulation material. If an item looks feather light, one should further look into whether it has certification or the proper fire rating needed for the necessary protection. Often people are misguided in terms of the protection that some of these items have and the fire performance are exaggerated which means you are not properly protected. Also, make sure to differentiate between fireproof/fire resistant and flame resistance/flame retardant, which was explained in one of our previous articles.


Getting the right safe to protect your belongings should be well thought out and researched so that you get the proper protection for your needs. Having more knowledge of the type of safes  that you are looking for, especially when purchasing a fireproof safe, would help you from being misguided. At Guarda Safe, we are a professional supplier of independent tested and certified, quality Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Box and Chest. In our line up, you can find one that can help protect what matters most, whether it is at home, your home office or in the business space and if you got a question, feel free to contact us.

Post time: Jul-18-2022