What happens after a fire?

As society grows and improves, people become more conscious about the importance of protecting their valuables and belongings. House fires are a common cause of damage to people’s belongings and valuables. Having a fireproof safe box becomes a necessity to protect against those situations so that your damages to valuable belongings are reduced. This is because literally after a fire, most of what you see will be unusable or destroyed as we go through the steps on what happens after a fire and when firefighter arrives at the scene.


When firefighters arrive on the scene, if they see flames shooting out of the windows, they will go into an aggressive strategy to make sure they can safely safe lives. This includes directing water to the heart of the fire which lowers the burning structure and limits oxygen to fuel the fire. Around 3000 gallons of water can be used in a typical house fire and sometimes the firefighters would cut holes in the roof or break higher level windows to vent of smoke and hot air. Guarda’s waterproof safes can help to minimize damage to contents from water as the fire is put out. Also, the polymer inner casing of Guarda’s fireproof and waterproof safes line up seals up when there is a fire, which also helps to protect against water entry.


fire fighting

In the aftermath of a fire after it is put out, extensive property damage can be observed. The flames and high heat cause windows to soften, paint to blister, plastic melts, and any furnishing and fittings are gone. Appliances are likely to be ruined even if they are standing. The fire may also cause weaknesses to the structure, rendering a risk to go inside the house. At this time, if your important belongings and documents are kept inside a fireproof safe box, then you may be in luck as the purpose of the fireproof safe is to protect against heat damage from a fire. While, the fire creates a high heat environment, the fireproof safes creates a barrier, keeping the interior and hence contents away from heat and flames.


burnt down house

Whether the house is livable will depend on inspections and clearances by the appropriate department and personnel. However, it is for sure major replacements and renovations will be required as the high temperatures of a fire and smoke would have likely destroyed most things, if not the water from putting out the fire would finish off the rest. Expect weeks, if not months before your family can return. However, if you are prepared, and you have placed important documents such as insurance policies and alike in a fireproof and waterproof safe, it may help a long way to getting back up, if these documents are protected. One may also feel relieve to see their important belongings having survived the fire, providing a glimpse of hope amongst the ashes and debris.


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Source: This Old House “How a House Fire Spreads”

Post time: Nov-22-2021