Things plan on storing in a fireproof safe

There is a reason why fire awareness is growing and why fire safety has become such an important part of home and business environment safety. As society and standard of living improves and people have more important belongings they value, protecting them either from theft or from perils such as fire and floods become an important storage consideration. Fire protection becomes a foremost consideration as important belongings involve a lot of documentations such as certificates, identifications and financial documents. A fireproof safe provides that essential protection for these items so that one is prepared to protect what matters most when an accident does happen.


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Things one can plan on storing in a fireproof safe can include the following:


Insurance policies: Keeping these documents in a fireproof safe will help you protect documents from disasters and allow you quicker access to these documents when they are needed the most after an incident.

Passports and identification documents: Although these documents can be replaced, the process of doing so is an absolute pain and can be extremely troublesome. Keeping them in a fireproof safe box would keep them locked up and protected

Financial documents:  Documents such as bank statements are often kept at home as they may need to be accessed frequently and it is best to store these records in a fireproof safe.  For double safety, having a digital backup copy would also be ideal.

Safety deposit box keys: Safety deposit box are not accessed every day and keeping them somewhere safe is important. A fireproof safe not only provide fire protection but at its basic, it provides protection against unauthorized access with locks and anti-theft designs.

Digital media: Backup storage on USBs, external HDDs and CDs/DVDs should be stored in a fireproof safe, where digital version of prints are still there when your physical prints and photos around the home are up in smoke in a fire.

Cash and Valuables: If you plan to keep valuables such as jewelry, cash and other valuables, why just provide theft protection when a fireproof safe locker can give you added benefit of fire protection as well. Cash and jewelry are susceptible to damage in fires.


All the above suggested items are more relevant to home use but businesses should also have their company data protected. These could be digital copies of backup and interoffice documentations. Much of a business tangibles or value are derive from these information and should be carefully treated and protected both from unauthorized access and fire perils.

With all the things that need to be protected, having a fireproof safe box is paramount for both home and business users. At Guarda Safe, we are a professional supplier of independent tested and certified, quality Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Box and Chest. In our line up, you can find one that can help protect what matters most, whether it is at home, your home office or in the business space and if you got a question, feel free to contact us.


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Post time: Dec-27-2021