The JIS S 1037 fireproof safe testing standard

Fireproof safe testing standards provide a minimum level of requirements that a safe should have in order to provide the necessary protection for its contents in a fire. There are numerous standards around the world and we have provided a summary of some of the more recognized standards. The JIS S 1037 is one of the more recognized standards and this standard is predominantly more well known in the Asian region. JIS stands for Japan Industrial Standards and provide standard requirements for a variety of goods and services. The JIS S 1037 depicts the requirements needed to be met for a fireproof safe in order to be certified under this standard.


The JIS  standard is divided into two categories and each category represent the type of contents that it is required to protect and further separated into different endurance ratings.


Category P

This class is intended for safes that meet this standard to protect paper against fire damage. Fireproof safes are placed inside a furnace for 30, 60, 120 minutes or longer depending on the fire rating to be obtained. After the furnace is off, it is naturally cooled. During this entire period, the interior of the safe cannot go above 177 degrees Celsius and paper prop inside cannot be discolored or charred. In this category, you can also opt to include an explosion test or impact test as part of the requirements that wish to be met.


Category F

This class is one of the most stringent in terms of fire endurance requirements as interior temperature requirements for this standard cannot go above 52 degrees Celsius and relative humidity inside cannot go above 80%. This class is intended to be for safes that protect diskette type items where the physical material content has a magnetic content and is sensitive to high temperatures and humidity. Requirements depict that interior temperatures cannot go above 52 degrees Celsius


For the JIS standard, it is not enough to pass the necessary fire test into for a fireproof safe to be certified under this standard. A product test is also necessary to be completed. The product test provide minimum requirements that a fireproof safe that needs to be met in order to ensure the quality, durability and safety of use.  The product test includes the opening and closing of the safe door or lid relating to its strength and durability, the quality of the finishing of the safe, the stability of the safe from tipping over when open  and the overall integrity of the form of the safe. Also, in the JIS standard, it is necessary to display whether a re-locking device is used a part of the certification process.


Fireproof safes is important in ones protection for its valuables and important documents. Getting one that is tested and certified to international standards can give reassurance that you get the protection that you need.  JIS S 1037 is a recognized standard around the world with a focus in the Asian region and provide the much needed understanding of what a safe that is certified under it will protect. At Guarda Safe, we are a professional supplier of independent tested and certified, quality Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Box and Chest. In our line up, you can find one that can help protect what matters most, whether it is at home, your home office or in the business space and if you got a question, feel free to contact us.


Source: Fireproof Safe UK “Fire Ratings, Tests and Certificates”, accessed 13 June 2022

Post time: Jun-13-2022