Interview with Zhou Weixian, Director of Guarda Co., Ltd.


Zhou Weixian, director of the Site Shield Safe Co., Ltd., accepted an interview with HC Physical Protection. The following is an interview record:

HC physical protection network: What products did our shield bring to this exhibition?Shield Director Zhou Weixian: This exhibition brings us our main products. The main product is fire safety box. The traditional safe is for anti-theft. Our professional fire safety box has been done for 18 years. The products are sold all over the world. In many countries, we landed in China last year and pushed fire safes into the Chinese market.HC physical protection network: Please tell us about the advantages of our shield products compared with other safe products?Shield director Zhou Weixian: Most of the products in the same industry are mainly anti-theft. We are mainly fireproof, we can also waterproof and rustproof. Tradition is made of iron. We use high-strength plastics. Our fireproof products are of the American fire protection level, half an hour to one hour, and the outside fire temperature is between 800 and 900 degrees. Our cabinet is less than 100 degrees, and the international temperature standard is 177 degrees. We are far below this standard.

HC Physical Protection Network: What is your feeling about the site at this exhibition?Shield Director Zhou Weixian: I think the customers of this exhibition will bring together the manufacturers of safes in the country. Everyone can have more exchanges, which will make everyone more familiar with how the industry develops. I think this is quite good.HC physical protection network: As far as the current market is concerned, do you think that safes are better in that field?Shield director Zhou Weixian: In the domestic field, the manufacturers of safes are more professional in theft prevention, and we have brought another function – fire prevention. We are more professional in the world.HC Physical Protection Network: Which market is better for our fire safes in hotels or other offices or civilian markets?Shield Director Zhou Weixian: Our products are mainly developed for civil and SME use. Civilian products need more fire protection, because theft prevention may have security doors, locks, and security cabinets. But fire prevention, their important documents, important documents, real estate licenses, photos of childhood, etc. are very precious to them, but they are useless to others, but they will not be burned, even if the thief steals I will not steal these things, but if they are burned, nothing will be lost. This is the value of our fire safes.HC physical protection network: Will our shield market develop in the civilian sector?Shield Director Zhou Weixian: Civil, small and medium-sized enterprises are the focus of our development.HC physical protection network: Some people say that China’s safe is still in its infancy, the market is not very mature, what do you think about the future development prospects of China’s safes?Shield director Zhou Weixian: China’s fire prevention is now in the stage of ten years ago. It used to focus on theft prevention, and the fire prevention is also very small. Slowly the product becomes functional, and the fire prevention is very professional. Slowly come out, I believe, these In the future, the growth of the national economy will also become functional. A person, a family, an office does not have to have a cabinet to achieve full functionality. If it is necessary to burglar, buy a safe with a strong anti-theft function; if it is necessary to prevent fire, you need a safe with a strong fire.HC physical protection network: Is the fire safe in a relatively mature stage abroad?Shield director Zhou Weixian: In foreign countries, fire safety safes have reached 50% of the total safe share. Some mature countries have reached 75% because they know that they will work on security doors and infrared alarms. However, there is no other way to prevent them from fire. Therefore, fire safety must be used for fire prevention. In the domestic fire protection products less than 5%, this penetration rate is relatively low, but I believe that this will gradually grow in the country when it is promoted.HC physical protection network: How long does it take for foreign fire safes to go from the beginning to the market?Shield director Zhou Weixian: In the field of fire protection, foreign countries began to exist 40 years ago, but the rapid growth should be the last 5-10 years.HC physical protection network: What fire brands are there in the same industry?Shield director Zhou Weixian: We should be a professional brand of fire safety safes. Other fireproof cabinets are mainly for office use, which are relatively large and heavy. We mainly target civilians, small and medium-sized enterprises, and our products are used by them.HC physical protection network: Zhou also hopes to tell the netizens through the HC physical protection network?Shield director Zhou Weixian: I hope that the general public will raise awareness of fire prevention. You may have good family fire prevention. You can’t guarantee that other families have the same awareness. Our product starting point is not afraid of 10,000, just in case.We can guarantee that there is a good fire protection for things that are valuable to you, so that your losses are minimized.HC physical protection network: Thank you shield fire safety safes to accept the interview of HC physical protection network, thank you!Shield Director Zhou Weixian: Thank you!


Post time: Jun-24-2021