Guarda Safe’s waterproof / water resistance standard

Fire is becoming a standard or integral protection that many consider when they are buying safe for the household or business. Sometimes, people may not just buy one safe but two safes and store particular valuables and belongings in different storage equipment. For example, if it is paper documents such as insurance forms, tax returns or other identifications that has no particular use or value to others, then placing it in a fireproof safe box that offers fire protection that has been certified by bodies such as UL is much more important on the list of requirements. At Guarda, we specialise in fireproof safes and most of our line up has fire protection that come as standard. That’s why we have added a waterproof feature to our safes and have been a pioneer in this area. Some may ask why we have particularly chosen to add these feature to our line up, so we shall present some statistics in North America (US) to do the talking.


Number of reported theft incidents in the US in 2012: 2.45 million break-ins

Number of reported fire incidents in the US in 2011: 370,000 house fires

Number of reported water incidents in the US in 2012: 730,000 home water damage incidents (including burst pipes)


The numbers show why a waterproof safe is the additional feature that we add to the safe as fire protection is becoming the norm.


Honeywell 1108 water testing

At Guarda, when we test for waterproof, we submerged the entire safe under water. For chest styles, we make it a requirement where  the safe is below water for 1 meter, similar to international test standards like the IPX8 and there is no water ingression or the ingression is a few grams which is negligent. We also test our cabinet style safes at full submersion where the entire safe is under water. Although for cabinet styles, 50mm below water seems to be very shallow at first, but if you take the height of the safe into account, our largest safes can handle water depths of more than sixty to 70 centimeters deep. Some other manufacturers may claim their water depth to be 20cm (which gives an illusion that it is deeper than our 50mm standard). However, their claim is only the depth of the water and not how deep the safe is submerged in water, so most of the time, if not all of the time, their safes are only placed in quite shallow water with most of the safe being above the water.


Regardless whether you are choosing to get a safe to protect against theft, fire or water damage, you should do the research and understand the details of the features advertised and testing conditions or standards that it was done under. This helps you to better evaluate whether it meets your needs. However, we do believe protection against fire and water damage is extremely important as there are no alternative protection against their damage and you can only be prepared with a proper storage such as a fireproof safe box or fireproof and waterproof safe box. At Guarda Safe, we are a professional supplier of independent tested and certified, quality Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Box and Chest. Our offerings provide the much needed protection that anyone should have in their home or business so that they are protected every moment. Stop giving yourself excuses of not being protected. A minute you are not protected is a minute you are putting yourself in unnecessary risk and grief.


Post time: Nov-06-2022