Guarda passed the Sino-US Customs Joint Counter-Terrorism (C-TPAT) review

A joint verification team consisting of Chinese Customs personnel and several experts from the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) conducted a “C-TPAT” field visit verification test at the production facility of the shield safe in Guangzhou. This is an important part of the Sino-US Customs joint counter-terrorism operation. The Hong Kong Shield Safe has successfully passed the US Customs-Business Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) foreign manufacturer safety standard certification review, thus becoming a domestic security company.




C-TPAT is a voluntary program initiated by the US Department of Homeland Security and Customs Border Protection (CBP) after the September 11 incident. The full name is Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. – Trade and anti-terrorist alliance. C-TPAT certification has strict safety requirements for the entire production, transportation, warehousing and other procedures of the enterprise as well as the safety awareness of the production personnel of the enterprise. The safety standards consist of eight parts: business partner requirements, container and trailer safety, access control, personnel safety, program safety, safety training and alertness, site safety, and information technology security. Through C-TPAT’s security recommendations, CBP hopes to work with relevant industry to establish a supply chain security management system to ensure the supply chain security, safety information and goods flow from the start to the end of the supply chain, improve supply chain efficiency, and reduce cost.



After the September 11th incident, US Customs closed the port, strengthened supply chain management, and formulated the C-TPAT plan to prevent the terrorists from using the trade freight channel to threaten the United States by ensuring the security cooperation between the US Customs and the business community. The security of the US cargo supply chain. China is the largest exporter of the United States, and US Customs and China Customs have jointly audited and verified many Chinese factories. Hong Kong Shield Safe is a Hong Kong-owned enterprise established in 1980. Its main business is the production and sales of fireproof and waterproof safes. The products are mainly sold to the United States and Europe. As a representative export enterprise in Guangdong, Shield Safe cooperates with Sino-US Customs and strictly implements “C-TPAT” in various factories in the company. It is the earliest security enterprise in China to implement this anti-terrorism plan.Shield safes have been strictly screened by the customs of China and the United States, becoming the only security company in China that is eligible for C-TPAT certification review. The review team mainly conducted on-site inspection of the container packing area, workshop packaging area and finished product warehouse of shield fireproof products such as fireproof and waterproof safes in the United States to ensure the safety of the finished product transportation process. In the end, the shield successfully passed the review with good safety training, logistics safety, security and security, and physical security. It is reported that the Shield Safe is the first security company to receive this “green card” to the US market. VIPs such as “trust release” will be enjoyed, and goods entering the US market will operate more smoothly in the supply chain, significantly reducing administrative costs.Shield Safe Director Zhou Weixian said that the company passed the C-TPAT plan related certification, and the export goods will receive a 95% exemption rate and priority clearance right in the United States. It is convenient for customs clearance in the US Customs, reducing the number of inspections of goods, and facilitating product export. “90% of our company’s export products are exported to the United States and Europe. Through C-TPAT verification, in addition to improving customs clearance efficiency, it can also enhance the competitiveness in the US European market.” Shield safe export related person in charge said In the past years, the company has passed the ISO quality certification, the highest level of fire protection in the United States UL certification, plus this “anti-terrorism certification”, not only improve the company’s product competitiveness, the company’s internal management has also been upgraded.Through joint verification, for the shield safes exported to the United States, re-exports to the United States and even the customs clearance of the EU market will enjoy priority clearance, and even exempt customs clearance. Customs clearance has always been a key point in opening a market. Having priority clearance will be a powerful chip for the company to open up new customers. For the old customers, the priority of customs clearance makes the customs clearance work of the customers more convenient and effective, and can effectively avoid the trade barriers set up in the name of customs inspection.The passage of this safety verification is of great significance to the business of the shield in the Latin American market, and has far-reaching significance for the future development of the US market and the European market.


Post time: Jun-24-2021