Escaping from a Fire

Fire accidents occur more frequently than one thinks, however, many are ignorant into being prepared in the event one happens. Statistics shows that a fire accident occurs in less than every 10 seconds and if we take into account some of the fires that never got tallied into the statistic, you would have fires happening every second or even less. Learning about fire safety should be a must for everyone who wants to protect and safe lives, as it is this knowledge that can help save one when it really matters.


When a fire accident happens and is out of your control to put it out or the fire accident happens nearby and has spread, the most important thing to do first is to escape. When escaping, there are three things that one should remember:

(1)   Protect yourself from smoke inhalation

Cover your months with a wet towel or anything clothing that can be wet and stay low when running away



(2)   Make sure you are escaping in the right direction

When a fire happens, try to get out before the smoke gets too thick or fire has blocked some of the exits, and so you are able to escape through the proper fire exits. In the event that it visibility is low or you are in unfamiliar surroundings, get down low and follow along the walls until you reach escape doorways or towards visible escape routes.


(3)   Use tools to help you escape

If you are not on the ground floor and you are on the third floor or below, you can escape from the window or balcony either by using a rope or tying curtains or bed sheets together and securing to a pipe that can hold the weight and climb down. Otherwise, if you are unable to escape or exits are blocked and you are on a higher floor, block doors with wet cloths of any kind and call for help.


In the event of any fire, you should call the hotline for emergency services so that the fire brigade can come in time. This is important to get fire under control and minimize damages and get rescued in a timely manner.



It is of utmost important to not go back inside a fire once you are able to escape from it, regardless of what you have left inside or for important belongings. This is because the building could be unsafe or your escape paths be blocked by fire as it spreads. Therefore, it is important to be prepared beforehand and have your important belongings store inside a fireproof safe. Not only it helps to get your things organized and in one place, but it also helps to give you a peace of mind that your belongings are protected when you are escaping from the fire, minimizing losses caused by fire damage and that you or anyone else put themselves in danger once escaped. One may never face or would want to face a fire incident but one should be prepared regardless as there are no second chances when facing a fire.




Post time: Sep-27-2021