Buying a suitable best fireproof safe in 2022

We have entered into a new year in 2022 and there is a whole year in front of us to create memories, acquire new valuables and make new important paper work. With all these being built up throughout the year, we must not forget that protecting them is equally important. Therefore, if you do not already have a fireproof safe, it might be a good time to consider investing in one as it is an essential piece of equipment to safeguard your treasures. If you already own one, good for you, but it is also important to re-evaluate if the existing one meets your growing needs.


In upcoming articles, we will go through the details of the considerations that one might go through when looking for an appropriate solution for storage requirements. Hopefully, this will help you to make an informed choice for a product. Below is a summary of the considerations and details will come in future articles


Type of fireproof safe

  • That would depend on the type of items that you are looking to store, ranging from paper, digital media, data or magnetic media
  • Each type of media has varying requirements in terms of temperatures and humidity it can withstand


Type of storage

  • That would refer to the type of storage the fireproof safe box is designed to and this can range from top opening fireproof boxes and chests, cupboard cabinet types, filing cabinets and even to strong rooms and vaults.
  • Dimensions of the storage you need will also be a consideration here
  • Length of time in terms of fire resistance that you would like. There are some key factors that can impact the period of protection that you need to protect from fire, including location of your safe and location of your home or business


Type of certification

  • Understanding the type of certification that the fireproof safe is tested to is important as this is critical to the essential fire protection needed. Purchasing items with independent certification and testing and from reputable manufacturers ensures protection when you need it most


Locking devices

  • Fire protection is important as is securing it against unauthorized access under normal conditions.
  • Lock types can range from the basic key lock to combination lock to electronic lock to biometric type accesses.


Therefore, when buying a fireproof safe box, there are some essential elements in one which need to consider. At the end of the day, this helps to get you the right kind of storage you need and maximizing both the value as well as the protection offered.  We will take some of the considerations in details in upcoming articles. At Guarda Safe, we are a professional supplier of independent tested and certified, quality Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Box and Chest. In our line up, you can find one that can help protect what matters most, whether it is at home, your home office or in the business space and if you got a question, feel free to contact us.


Source: Safelincs “Fireproof Safes & Storage Buying Guide”, accessed 9 January 2022

Post time: Jan-10-2022