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Why a fireproof safe is essential


Most people have a clear idea of what a safe or a security box is used for and the idea of putting valuables inside such a container haven’t changed much for the last 100 years or more. These security boxes ranges from the still very popular lock and key type safe to multiple popular designs which boasts a variety of additional features that are extremely useful. A combination of these features makes a big change on what can be offered to protect what matters most.

One of the most practical additions to safe design is the introduction of fireproofing and these make a huge difference to users as the concept of valuables extend from the tangibles to the intangibles.

(1)    Valuable items are secured and organized

The basic motivation for any individuals or organization to purchase a safe of lock box is to prevent loss or damage, theft and keeping the items safe. The lock and key is still a popular choice but with the advancement of technology, there are now many ways in which a safe can be secured. These include combination locks that opens with a dial, digital locks that opens with a electronic keypad or touchscreen, and biometric locks that can be accessed with just a fingerprint or facial recognition. With the addition of fireproofing, protection from loss and damage is also enhanced.

(2)    Safes are no longer protection for money

Safes are available in many sizes, styles and a range of different specifications. Because of this, it can be used to protect a range of items. Typically, safes has been used to protect the tangible valuables such as money or jewelry. However, there is a growing importance to protect the intangible valuables such as sensitive documents, identifications, financial documents and contracts that are of an extreme high personal value but may be of no use to others whom have no relevance to these papers. A fireproof safe box will always be the best choice to protect cash, papers and businesses’ sensitive data.

(3)    Protect hard copies and backups

a.       In the digital age, we rely heavily on electronic storage and sometimes it can fail us. Therefore, it is still important to keep hard copies of vital documents and sensitive data off computers or other devices altogether. In instances where physical paper copies are necessary, a safe is the best choice to keep them secure and more so, a fireproof safe. The safe is also a good choice to provide protection for your digital media backups that are on external hard drives, CDs, DVDs and USBs.

It is obvious, there are many benefits to opting not just for a safe, but one that has fireproofing. With double layered walls and for specialists like Guarda whom has their own specially developed fire-resistant composite lining, it provides a secure location for you or your company’s valuable items, sensitive information and data. Guarda is a specialist provider infireproof safe boxand is there to help protect what matters most.



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