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What's your style for a fireproof safe?


When selecting a fireproof safe box, there are many aspects to consider, including the contents that you want to protect, the fire rating of the safe, size or capacity of the safe, lock that it uses and the style of the safe. In this article, we would like to discuss about the choice of styles available and their pros and cons so that a better purchasing decision can be made.

There are 3 main types of styles for fireproof safes, front opening style, top opening style and drawer opening style.

Front opening style:

This style opens up like a door and is in line with traditional security safes. With this kind of opening, they can be placed in a variety of locations including next to a desk, inside a closet or even as a bed side table. Typically, this type of style provide ample of space for storage and can go from less than a cubic feet to a few cubic feet and up in storage and the interior can also be organized with manufacturer’s shelving options. This style also allows you to store belongings on top without affecting as long as the front is not obstructed when opening.


Top opening style:

This style opens at the top like a lid and is the typical choice for small fireproof chests, documents chests or file boxes. They are a popular choice for their versatility, convenience as well as being economical when looking for fireproof protection. The interior space provides adequate space for those important documents, passports and identifications. The item can also be conveniently moved around and take up minimal space in storage. For some, these chests can also be placed inside a larger security safe, providing a fireproof storage capacity inside their existing security safes. As a note, for top opening style fireproof chests, these should be placed flat in storage to ensure the fireproof protection is maintained.


Drawer style:

As the name suggest, this style opens by pulling out like a drawer. Typically, fireproof filing cabinets use this style and there is a choice of 2, 3 or 4 drawers. There are also fireproof drawers that can be used in homes and is perfect to be placed in closets as a drawer compartment. Drawer safe provides an easy access to the items inside and can have a good view of what is inside when open.


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