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The Fire Rating – Defining the level of protection you can get


When a fire comes, a fireproof safe can give a level of protection for the contents against damage due to heat. How long in which that level of protection lasts will depend on what is called a fire rating. Each certified or independently tested fireproof safe is given what is called a fire rating which is the length of time for which its fire resistance is certified. Tests standards typically a categorized into 30 minutes, 1hour, 2hours, 3 hours and 4 hours and the safes are exposed to temperatures ranging from 843 °C / 1550 °F to 1093 °C / 2000 °F depending on the testing house.

Below is the external temperature test curve used by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL). It defines the exposed temperature of the safe for the various time categories.

Knowing the fire rating of your safe is important to ensure that you are getting the level of protection you believe is most suitable. Typically, higher fire-rated safes are much bulkier as they require much more insulation in order to protect for a longer length of time, which translates into higher cost and weight, and may not be ideal for your needs. For a typical house fire, temperatures usually only reach to around 600 °C / 1200 °F at its hottest point and response time for firefighting service are reasonably short, even though it does varies depending on location and time of the day. However, for larger wild fires, they can be much more wide spread and exposure to heat may be more extended as there is much more fuel for the fire to burn and firefighting service may not be in reach to the area.

Therefore, knowing all this, it should give an idea on what fire-rated fireproof safe is ideal for your needs to protect what matters most. At Guarda Safe, we have a variety of fireproof safe of off-the-shelf items that you can choose from. If there isn’t one that you can find, please contact us directly and we can see how we can best help with our one-stop-shop service.

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