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Is a fireproof safe what you need?


By having a fireproof safe box to store your belongings, it can go a long way in protecting your valuables and documents in your home and office.  Statistics shows fire is much more common than break-in theft so it is often a number one concern for safe buyers. Having a safe that can withstand the elements is crucial in protecting what matters most.

What should you look for in a fireproof safe?

  • Size and type of safe: there is a range of sizes available, depending on the level of storage you need and there is also a selection of styles and locks depending on what you are looking for.

  • Level of fire resistance: this is a key area to be aware of as there are various levels of protection depending on the certified rating of the safe. It is important to check its certified UL rating or equivalent to ensure quality is on par so that you get the claimed protection.

  • Other additional features may also be as important. For example, having a fireproof waterproof box that also has waterproof capabilities enhances your protection against the elements.

What can you store in a fireproof safe box?

  • Important documents and credentials that you need access to frequently such as insurance papers, passports, social security information

  • Digital media such as memory sticks, external hard drives, CDs, DVDs,

  • Data stored on tape or magnetic hard drives, photo negatives. These data items need to be stored in safes that can withstand fire while maintaining interior temperatures below 125 degrees Fahrenheit or 52 degrees Celsius, as well as keeping the relative humidity at 80%

Items that we suggest that you should put in a fireproof safe box

  • Insurance policy information: papers that you definitely to make claims with insurance companies

  • Financial information: This may include your investment plans and portfolio information, as well as important financial statements

  • Identification documents: This can be you social security information, passports, birth certificates and any other forms of identification. Usually these documents are extremely troublesome and difficult to replace

  • Medical information: Essential medical information about yourself and your family that needs to be readily accessed when needed

  • Data: Information backed up on external hard drives or memory sticks or CDS, DVDs including family photos should be protected. Although cloud storage is common these days, it’s still best to keep an offline back up copy nearby

Having your valuables and important documents and information protected from the elements is essential It is also suggested that if you have the means, you can choose to store items that you rarely accessed at a bank safe or bank storage. These may include collectibles or expensive jewelry that are rarely needed or documents that you hardly use or would use outside banking hours such as deeds, wills or car titles.

Having the right safe is the best protection you can get to protect what matters most.


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