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How many brands are marketed by Guarda Fireproof Waterproof Safe?
On the Guarda Safe Industrial Limited "Products" page, the brand(s) are displayed in a clear manner. We have been marketing this brand for many years. This is strong evidence of the gap between us and our competitors. We market our own brands while providing customized services.

Since establishment, Guarda Fireproof Waterproof Safe has begun to create competitive home safe. The fireproof safe series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Thanks to its advanced temperature cooling system, the product will not produce too much hot which will cause a fire. Power efficiency designs can be implemented such as the use of deep sleep if there is no action for a specified period of time. The product has been widely regarded as a high-performance sealing material since it can be used under extreme operating working conditions. It can be provided with additional features such as low battery warning.

We pursue continuous improvement to adapt to the changing market. We continue to invest in research and development, continue to set higher standards and expectations for ourselves, and strive to achieve more important milestones. Get info!
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