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How are materials used by Guarda Fireproof Waterproof Safe for producing fireproof safe box?
Our responsibility for quality starts with the selection of materials. We have a responsibility to make sure our suppliers take care of their materials. We use industry-wide guidelines to assess their materials and select only the best. And before we put the raw materials into production, we have a materials testing procedure. Our expert team will carefully test the materials to ensure that they are suitable for processing and meet the safety and quality requirements. Our strict quality control over raw materials ensures you only get high-quality and high-performing fireproof safe box.
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Our business covers a wide range of 1 hour fireproof safe market concerning fire rated safe and fire rated safe. According to the material, Guarda Safe Industrial Limited's products are divided into several categories, and big fireproof safe is one of them. Guarda fireproof money safe is manufactured using automation technology. The quality mounting hardware ensures the product securely attached. For many people, this easy-to-use product is always a plus. This is particularly true for people coming from different walks of life on a daily or frequent basis. The PINs can be programmed from 3 to 8 digits as per preference.

Minimizing the impact on the environment is one of our top priorities. Accordingly, we carefully consider our waste disposal methods. For example, we reuse nearly 100% of the waste in the production process.

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