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Hong Kong Guarda Company won the Physical Protection Impact Brand Award in China's security industry


On September 24th, the “12th China Security Summit Forum and Industry Brand Event” hosted by HC Security Network was grandly opened at the Baima Lake Jianguo Hotel in Hangzhou. The theme of this year's event is “Slim, Qijia, Governing the Country, Pingtianxia”. Experts in the security industry, leaders of relevant associations, industry companies and professional buyers all came to participate in the event and witnessed the various awards brands in the security industry. The birth of. At the same time, many industry media and authoritative mass media also paid attention to and reported on this event. Hong Kong Shield Safe Co., Ltd. won the "Huicong Network China Security Industry Brand Selection and Entity Protection Influence Brand Award" under the witness of more than 400 guests from all over the country.

Hong Kong Shield Safe Co., Ltd. took the stage to receive the award

The brand selection of HC Security has been running for 12 years. It is the earliest security industry brand selection activity in China and is known as the Oscar for China's security industry. At present, China's security market has shown that the market share of leading enterprises has increased, well-known enterprises have entered the international market, and the fields of sub-sectors have become more professional, and the overall marketing structure and channels have undergone profound changes. Therefore, the organizers will set up this year's awards, from the original horizontal brand to the deep product line field, select the best products in each product line of the security industry chain, and show them the advantages that they are worthy of the industry to show to the users. After more than two months of voting and expert review, the shield safe relies on the appearance, practicality, thermal insulation materials and other patent-supported products, and the soft power of service accumulated over the past 25 years. He was awarded the “Physical Protection Impact Brand Award” in the 2015 China Security Industry.

Mr. Wang Fubao, Marketing Manager, Hong Kong Shield Safe Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong Shield Safe Co., Ltd. focuses on home safety and protection. It is a high-tech enterprise in China, a UL-approved manufacturer, and an enterprise that has obtained the corporate standards for plastic fireproof safes in China. Since its establishment in the 1990s, the company has experienced 20 years of innovation and change. The shield is innovative with practical design and is committed to the superior quality and customer satisfaction of the safe. The product has US UL125, UL350 half hour and one hour, two hours. The level of fire test certification, to provide a comprehensive security for the majority of consumers, to protect the user's personal property safety.


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