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Fireproof Document Bag versus Fireproof Safe Box – Which actually protects?


Guarda Safe recently came across some enquiries regarding fireproof document bag and whether we can supply this item. They understood that we had a long history in the fireproof safe box business and trust that we could provide them with quality items. We kindly decline as Guarda do not carry nor manufacture such an item as we only provide items that provide proper protection from fire. They were curious on the difference in protection as they have seen these items being sold and thought these low cost ‘fireproof’ document bags would perform at a similar level or at least give some equivalent protection to a fireproof safe box. The difference is far from that and it’s the difference between one that protects and one that doesn’t.

There are social media demonstrations on the protection given between the two. Below are two YouTube videos showing a fireproof document case and a fireproof safe being tested by CrazyRussianHacker, a YouTuber who tests and reviews product.

Is Fireproof Money Bag actually Fireproof?

In this video, we can see how a fireproof document case engulf in flames in seconds and all the important paper turns into ash


Fireproof Safe Test

In this YouTube video, we can see how a fireproof safe lives up to its claim and gives the proper protection from fire


From the videos, it is clear which one really protects your important and valuable documents in a fire and which doesn’t. Protecting documents from fire is about stopping heat from getting inside. If it doesn’t stop heat and fire from going in, even if it claims about how the material used is flame retardant is misdirecting or even to the point of exaggerating its protection because the contents are exposed vulnerable to being damaged.  At Guarda, we develop, manufacture and supply fireproof safe boxes that live up to the protection that you or your customers need and should have. Don’t’ be penny wise and pound foolish and make the right decision to protect the irreplaceable, because once it lights up, it’s truly gone forever.

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