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Does Guarda Fireproof Waterproof Safe have agents in foreign countries?
In order to facilitate the sales of fireproof safe box in the overseas market, we partner with different agents to sell our products to different countries. After searching online and checking the record of recommended agents, we select some agents that are endowed with rich relationship network resources and sales capability. They can help us bring our updated products to different countries through a variety of channels. Thanks to them, we are able to further increase our market influence.
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Being specialized in the manufacturing of 1 hour fireproof safe, Guarda also covers a wide range of fire rated safe. According to the material, Guarda Safe Industrial Limited's products are divided into several categories, and fireproof safe is one of them. The product is characterized by its excellent heat dispersion capacity. Its material has many desirable properties for thermally efficient and durable heat exchangers. The code can be set/reset when the safe is open. This product will dramatically contribute to profitable growth. Thanks to its easy operation and maintenance, it helps lower operating costs. The pry-resistant door/body provides higher protection against tool attacks.

We value environmental sustainability in our business. We have made sustainable business strategies that foster restorative and regenerative design, and aim to keep products and materials at their highest utility and value at all times.

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