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Buying guide for a safe


At some point in time, you will consider buying a safe and there are many choices in the market and it can get confusing in choosing what to get without some sort of guidance. Here is a quick summary of what your choices are and what to look for. In doubt, contact a nearby safe dealer for assistance.

Often, people buy may buy a safe due to an event that may have triggered a need to buy a safe or an insurance policy may require you to purchase one for your home or business. Also, you may opt to buy early on based on friends and family suggestions. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal of buying a safe is to protect items from being stolen or damaged due to theft, fire and/or flooding.

There are varying levels of protection across security, fire or water and it is important to be sure to check for the rating and certification on these safes to ensure you are getting the quality and protection that you need.

Most people would traditionally think a safe is for protecting cash and valuables but many will also keep many other documentation items in their safe. This gives a level of protection for items that are important to you and needs to be readily accessed. It also helps to keep items organized or know where to look for them when needed. Many people will eventually keep the following so having a suitable one for you matters.




Passports and identifications

Data and media such as videos and digital photos


Backup external hard drives, USBs,

Insurance policies

Documentations that are needed after a fire

Fireproof  safe box

There is a misconception that all safes will offer a level of protection against fire, however, because steel is a good conductor of heat, ordinary safes become an hot oven when exposed to fire and will burn up the contents unless the safe has a fire resistant insulation barrier within the body and the door, like what Guarda’s fireproof safe box and chests have.

Fireproof safe box is designed to protect the contents from heat damage due to fire and also providing a level of protection from theft. It is important that all safes claiming to offer a level of protection of fire have the protection certified from a third party agency. This is important as you want to trust that the safe performs to what is claimed.

Fire tests claims offer varying levels of fire-resistant in terms of timing and corresponding temperature protection

1. Good = 30minutes (@843oC)

2. Better = 60 minutes (@927oC)

3. Best = 120 minutes (@1010oC)

Some fireproof safes in the market can also protect contents from water damage. Some can offer protection against immersion (flooding) and hence also protects against spray (from a fire fighter’s hose)

Guarda Safe is a specialist provider for fireproof safe box. We offer a range of safes that provides varying levels of fire protection and various sizes and styles to accommodate your needs. Most of our safes also come with water protection that can be immersed or sprayed.  If you are a dealer or a company looking to expand fireproof safes to your line-up, check us out. We have a series of off-the-shelf that you can choose from or work with us to create your own individual line with our full-service ODM service. Having the right safe is the best protection you can get to protect what matters most.


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