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Bureau of Work Safety visits Guarda to promote Work Safety Awareness


On the 11th of September, the head of the local branch for the Bureau of Work Safety and his team visited Guarda’s manufacturing facilities. The purpose of their visit was to educate public safety awareness and promote the importance of work place safety. The visit was also a part of Guarda’s effort in promoting safety awareness and making sure all workers are engaged in maintaining a safe work place environment.

A short video provided the background on the topic, showing potential hazards and risks in a work place and the consequences and dangers of not being safety conscious. Part of the video showed actual CCTV footage that captured accidents when safety procedures were not followed. The workers were taken back by the severity of the accidents and helped workers to better understand why Guarda’s management has such strong stance and views on ensuring work safety procedures are followed.

The head of the local branch then gave a speech regarding the experiences that he had seen in work safety accidents and important things to look out for in regards to a safe work place. He especially emphasized that although it is a prerequisite that companies’ provide a safe work place for people to work in, it is equally important that workers act in a safe manner and be responsible for their own safety and the safety of colleagues around them.

The Work Safety team took a tour around the premises and commented that Guarda has done a good job in creating a safe working environment and needs to keep up awareness as the road to safety is never ending. The head of the local branch gave some helpful guidance in areas that can be further improved. Guarda’s management were thankful of the guidance and assured the Bureau work safety will always be a priority and a necessity in all Guarda’s premises and that everyone in Guarda will strive to have better safety awareness as well as help to promote the idea to others around them.

At Guarda, we not only develop and manufacture quality fireproof safes that help you or your customers protect what matters most. We are also a socially responsible manufacturer that puts work place safety a priority and strive to create a pleasant and safe working environment so that they can focus on providing quality and value that everyone deserves.

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