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Being a Socially Responsible Manufacturer


At Guarda Safe, we pride ourselves for not only providing with our customers with great and high quality products that helps customers and consumers protect what matters most, but also operating in a socially responsible manner and adhering to high ethical standards. We strive to provide with our customers with competitive products and know-how while creating a safe working environment for our employees and ensuring our impact to surroundings are minimal.


Many buyers and retailers are now requiring their suppliers and factories to be socially compliant, producing in an ethical manner that abides with applicable laws and international standards. Social compliance audits are now often conducted on manufacturers as part of the assessment process and are also conducted periodically by retailers and customers to ensure continuing compliance.  

Each customer may have slightly different requirements to what they are looking for but most typically adhere to acceptable international, national and industry standards. When looking to adhere to social compliance standards, areas covered would include having an adequate social management system, no discrimination at the workplace, workers involvement and protection, freedom of association, fair remuneration, decent working hours, occupational health and safety, no child labor, special protection for young workers, no precarious employment, no bonded labor, environmental protection and ethical business behavior. Apart from customer standards, there are recognized third-party social compliant programs such as Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), Social Accountability International (SA8000), Better Work and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production.

The process of being in compliance is not a static one as environment, standards and regulations and requirements are continually changing and at the same time, manufacturers should always strive for further improvements where possible. A safe and fair work place with fair remuneration creates significant utility for workers and can contribute greatly into maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering quality products.


As one of the leading manufacturer in fireproof and waterproof safes and chests, Guarda Safe works with leading brands and retailers around the world and goes through audits periodically. We are also part of the BSCI program and continuously look to improve ourselves. As part of our services, we are open to working with you to conduct any social assessments that are required by you or your customers during your evaluation. Guarda Safe is supportive of operating in a socially responsible and ethical manner and will strive to deliver the best quality product and services so that you can protect what matters most.   


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