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10 Things You Should Keep in a Fire Rated Safe


Images of fires in the news and media can be heartbreaking; we see homes being burned down and families escaping from their homes at a moment’s notice. However, upon returning, they are met with burnt rubble in which their homes once stood and piles of ashes in which were once their treasured belongings and memorabilia.

Threat of fire is not unique; it can happen to anyone anywhere anytime. Not only lives are lost during fires, but damages to property and assets is into billions of dollars every year, and also priced positions can be irreplaceable and lost forever. Although, most people would agree that it is important to prepare for disasters, however, not many take the steps to do so.

One great way to make sure you’re prepared is to get a fire rated safe box. What should you store in it? Below is a list of suggested items to keep in it so you are protected.

(1)    Insurance policies and agent contact information: this information is needed right away if your house suffers damage in a fire

(2)    Family’s identification documents including passports and birth certificates: These can be problematic and a hassle to replace and will be handy to establish your identity for various purposes

(3)    List of family’s doctors, prescription medication and contact information of pharmacies used: new supplies will be needed for medication that you use on a regular basis as they will be gone in the fire

(4)    CDs/external hard drives: Although most store digital photos in the cloud these days, digital backup copies of family photos should also be kept as a secondary precaution as family memories are irreplaceable. Also, digital copies of identifications and documents can also be kept on these drives

(5)    Safety deposit keys: If you keep valuables at the bank, you would want to make sure you can access them in the event of an emergency

(6)    Financial documents and important papers related to investments, retirement plans, bank accounts, and contact information: These are needed to get back on your feet as you will need funds to rebuild. Outstanding debts and due dates should also be on record as it is important to protect your credit, even if you’re displaced by a fire

(7)    Original identification cards such as social security, medical insurance, Medicare, and any other government-issued cards: These can be difficult to replace and may be needed to establish eligibility for aid and assistance

(8)    Copies of important legal documents including power of attorneys, wills, health care proxies: Having access to these can help ensure the protection they were created to provide

(9)    Memorabilia: Some memorabilia may be of great importance to you and can be irreplaceable

(10)Copies of wills in which you are designated the executor: It is important to safeguard wills to that loved ones are taken care of

The above is only a suggested list of things that you should protect from disaster damages so that you are best prepared to rebuild and get your live back on track in the event of fires. The impacts of fires are devastating and the emotional turmoil that you have to go through after can be absolutely daunting. Being prepared and being protected can help you get some peace that when things hit the fan, you are ready to get back on your feet in no time and save some trouble and heartache that one have to go through. Guarda is a specialist provider in fire rated safe box and chest and is here to help you protect what matters most.


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